Pasta Mama's

Gourmet Pasta & Sauces

The Pasta Mama's label began in 1986 when Diane
Santillie made pasta in her own kitchen and, after she
and her husband, Paul, bagged it, took it to Ariel's in
Richland, WA where Diane worked at the time. This
special homemade pasta sold as fast as Diane could
make it. Since the customers called her Pasta Mama,
the name choice was obvious.


Garlic-Basil Fettuccine
with Creamy Garlic Sauce

Always a winning combination! Read more


Parmesan-Parsley Linguine with Italian Tomato Sauce

A favorite among adults and children! Read more


Black Pepper Fettuccine
with Creamy Alfredo Sauce

For those who like a little spice with little effort! Read more


Chocolate Fettuccine
with Chocolate Sweet Topping

Treat like a sundae! Add whip cream it and extra toppings of your choice! Read more

In the fall of 1987 Pasta Mama's entered the gift industry. Paul attended gift shows all over the country, and sales grew substantially. In 1989, Pasta Mama's was selected as Small Business of the Year for eastern Washington.

In 1991, Pasta Mama's was named Small Business of the Year for Washington State and joined winners from other states in a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden with President Bush, Senior.

In the next few years, they outgrew three facilities and finally moved into an empty Rosauer's grocery store building where they continued to grow, even exporting to Europe and other countries.

In 1994, on Paul's 50th birthday, he suffered a broken neck in a hot-air balloon accident. In 1997, Paul and Diane were forced to discontinue the highly successful pasta business.

A year didn't go by that Diane and Paul weren't been asked where Pasta Mama's could be purchased or why they didn't do it again.

And 13 years later…

In 2010, Pasta Mama's was back, featuring flavored pastas and dry-mix sauces for your home dining pleasure. They are sold separately, or featured in gift boxes for aspiring gourmets. Pasta Mama's pastas and sauces are perfect for birthdays, special holidays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, or just because.

Pasta Mama's pasta products are prepared quickly, offer healthy ingredient choices, and contain NO EGG. What could be a better gift for a friend or loved one than a fun and easy meal to enjoy at their convenience in their choice of setting?

Bon Appetito


Pasta Facts:

• Pastas and sauces are made from all natural ingredients

• There is no cholesterol (no egg) in the pasta

• Pasta cooks in 2 ½ minutes

• 1 12oz bag of pasta = 1 ½ lbs. cooked and feeds 4-6 people

• 1 sauce package is enough for 1 bag of pasta